If you are running a business and are concerned for the security of assets, stock or employee safety then CCTV is an important tool in your security tool set. Maybe you are just a security conscious individual and like to keep an eye on who is coming and going from your property. It does not matter what your reason is, CCTV is around us everywhere today and provides a lot of peace of mind. With the advances in technology CCTV Cameras are now providing high definition digital video streams over network connections at very affordable pricing. These high definition cameras are now offering movement tracking, facial tracking and can send alarms if movement is detected in an area at certain times of the day.

With high definition digital cameras being network connected you are now offered the ability to view incredibly sharp details of camera footage over very large distances. Long gone are the days of poor quality grainy analogue images and video often see in news footage. 

We have installed CCTV Systems on Pivot Irrigation Systems to check for the presence of workers or machinery before the irrigator is remotely started and operated. This is to ensure employee safety as the equipment is being started remotely and poses a serious injury hazard to workers if working on the equipment. There is also the risk of causing serious damage to equipment so prior to starting the irrigator the operator can ensure no tractors, harvesters or vehicles are in area being irrigated.

As the cameras we use are rated as vandal proof and are suitable for outdoor use we have installed them at a golf course where they are subject to being hit by golf balls from a hole in one competition area. As the location was some distance from the club house it would have been an expensive operation to trench in the cabling. With all the subsurface irrigation piping and control cabling the golf course uses it would have been impractical to dig a trench, therefore, we connected there cameras to the club house over a wireless network using WiFi. 

We have installed cameras that are up to 15Km away from the recorder location whilst the owner has the ability to remotely control the pan, tilt and zoom or playback footage from the recorder from anywhere they are connected to the network with a PC, Laptop, Phone, etc. All CCTV systems we install have the ability to be accessed from the internet using PC's, Laptops, Ipads, Smart Phones and also allow the remote playback of recorded footage without interrupting recording.

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