We are a Tasmanian based provider of network connectivity solutions. We can design, configure and install high speed wireless data networks according to your requirements or as specified by an ICT Consultant. With continuing emerging technology having more reliance on the internet than ever before, the demand for internet connected networks is on a significant rise.

There are far too many examples to list here but the following is a brief summary of why you may need one of our connectivity solutions.

  • You're outside the NBN coverage footprint and require to be connected to the NBN.
  • You're connected to the NBN but need to distribute internet connectivity to multiple buildings, offices or equipment locations over your property.
  • You need to connect multiple locations to a central point so as to share files and data between multiple sites.
  • You need to connect two buildings together such as an office and a workshop to share files.
  • You have CCTV Cameras at various locations and need to record the footage at a central location.
  • You need to remotely control equipment from almost anywhere in the world.
  • You want to automate an off site data back-up solution.
  • You want to get rid of copper based land line telephone services and want to use the much cheaper VoIP alternative.

Many of the network solutions we install form part of a greater network, integrating remote control and monitoring functions along with voice communications and general internet connectivity. An example of such a scenario is where you have a remote property, holiday home, dwelling, etc, that is connected to the internet via a 15kM wireless link to a location where you can connect to the NBN. You receive notification that a bush fire is in the region prompting you to remotely connect to your CCTV cameras from your smart phone and you observe significant smoke at the property. Also from your phone you access a web page and click on a button labeled as Fire Protection. This automatically starts a diesel pump that has the ability to be remotely started, as you had a controller installed that connects the pump to the network. You have strategically located solenoids and sprinklers connected to the pump with solenoids and pressure/flow sensors connected to the network via wireless telemetry links. When you clicked on the Fire Protection button on the web page all the solenoids that allow water to flow to your fire protection sprinklers open and all other solenoids close. From the web page you can monitor the pressure and flow rate of the water to ensure there are no faults. You check the CCTV cameras and ensure the sprinklers are working thus potentially preventing major property loss whilst being hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers away.

We also install wired networks where pre-wiring can be completed during building construction. This is usually associated with homes/buildings requiring fixed data outlets and WiFi Access Points throughout the building, along with external and internal CCTV Cameras throughout. 

If you have a connectivity requirement and are unsure on the implementation please contact us to discuss available options.