About Us

We are all about connectivity and wireless systems. We provide electronic solutions that will have technology working for you. It’s all about working smarter not harder and our technical solutions help you achieve that. If it involves technology, connectivity, large distances or you have been told “it can’t be done” then you need to talk to us. We specialise in wireless systems from simple telemetry systems that turn things on or off to complex data networks. Our data networks can be as simple as linking two buildings together connecting a couple of computers together and connecting them to the internet, up to connecting dozens of buildings and hundreds of computers over an entire region. You might want to get the NBN from point A to point B, C and D or need internet access at multiple locations all over your property. You might need to work on data files between a workshop, office and a home office whilst keeping all file versions synchronised. Maybe you need CCTV Security cameras at multiple locations over a property recording to a central location and there maybe dozens of kilometers between camera locations. You may need the ability to control actuators, turn things on or off or read sensors from multiple locations over large areas and are sick of waisting fuel and time driving to these locations. Maybe you want to do all of the above from anywhere on your network? What if you wanted to do all of this from anywhere in the world whilst connected to the global International Network…the InterNet.

We can make this all happen and the technology is available right now. The above is just a very small example of what can be done so get in contact with us and let us know what you would like to achieve.

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Water Damaged Printed Circuit Board (PCB)


We are no longer carrying out any equipment repairs unless that equipment is part of a system we have installed. If you require repairs to an electric fence energiser, ag-scale …